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The Stop, Relax and Think Workbook

Highly Recommended Tool for Helping Children with Attention and Impulsivity!

Parents – Help your child to slow down and make better behavior choices!

Professionals – This book comes with a CD for easily reproducing activities worksheets!

Part of The Stop, Relax & Think Collection – with board game, card game, workbook, script book and more!

More than 60 fun and effective ADHD activities worksheets in The Stop, Relax and Think Workbook help children learn the cognitive, physical, and emotional skills necessary to increase focus, relaxation, and impulse control.

Puzzles, activities, and games teach skills for:

  • Organizing Tasks and Activities
  • Staying Focused and Completing One Task at a Time
  • Listening to Directions and Following Instructions
  • Remaining Calm in Given Situations
  • Remembering to Do What is Expected of You
  • Engaging in Quiet Activities without Disturbing Others
  • Thinking About Consequences Before Acting
  • Behaving Appropriately in Given Situations

Creative, child-friendly games such as “The Focusing Telescope,” “Maze of Distractions,” “Ari on Safari,” and “The Busy Zookeeper,” teach practical techniques for managing impulsivity and choosing appropriate behavior.

It’s hard to make smart choices when your mind is racing and your body is jumping! Whether your child just needs help with moderate impulsive behaviors or struggles with full-blown ADD or ADHD problems, this behavior activity book can help them to quiet down, slow down, and consider consequences before they act.

Five stars.  Excellent resource for therapist working with client with ADHD.  I loved this fun workbook and so did my clients!  It could even work for parents with children who have ADHD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

“ADHD is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood and often lasts into adulthood. More than 1 in 10 children, 4-17 years of age in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD by a health care provider, based on parent report.