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Self Esteem for Teens

Six Principles for Creating the Life You Want

A Solid and Inspiring Follow-Up to the International Best-Seller:  The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens!

Parents – This “Road Map to Confidence” teaches your teen core values that establish a lifelong base for maturity, happiness, health, and success!

Professionals – Each therapeutic concept is illustrated with teen stories, exercises for practice and timely “wisdom tales” that operationalize the principle for your clients!

Self-Esteem for Teens is a powerful and compelling guide based in sound truths that withstand the test of time.

Six solid, realistic principles informed by centuries of wisdom empower teens to take charge of their self-esteem and their life journeys:

  • My self-esteem is in my hands.
  • Every human being has intrinsic value and worth, including me.
  • My greatest value, potential, and power lie in my authentic self.
  • Feeding the positive grows the positive.
  • There is a reward in every struggle.
  • I am not limited by my circumstances.

Each principle connects with real teen self-esteem issues such as:

  • Looks and body image
  • Judging and comparing
  • Self-messages
  • Handling mistakes
  • Being true to your authentic self

Fictional teen stories offer relevant illustrations for each concept, and the Learn-Explore-Become-Affirm format teaches teens important and effective ways to work out the six principles in their lives:

Attitude, Gratitude, Compassion, Assertiveness, Managing Feelings, Tolerating Discomfort, Taking Responsibility, Conviction, Possibility, Turning It Around, and Finding Inner Peace are all tools that give teens guidance as well as hope for a positive self-concept and the possibility of creating the life they want.

“In a culture where value is often measured by how many followers or likes you attain on social media, this book by Lisa Schab hits the mark. . .   This is a must-read for all teens!

—Lucie Hemmen, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist, author of Parenting a Teen Girl and The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide, mother of two teen girls

Lisa Schab skillfully translates powerful clinical concepts from mental health research and treatment, and offers them to adolescents in plain talk. Self-Esteem for Teens is a valuable guide for all youth. These principals work!

—Britt H. Rathbone, MSSW, LCSW-C, expert adolescent therapist, trainer, author, and coauthor of What Works with Teens, Dialectical Behavior Therapy for At-Risk Adolescents, and Parenting a Teen Who Has Intense Emotions

Five stars. “I’ve been reading this book for the past couple of days and it’s really changed the way I see things . . . It’s given me more confidence as to who I am as a person whether it’s about my look or how I feel internally . . . “

This interactive book has a wonderful balance of great advice, fun stories, examples that teenagers can relate to, and practical exercises and strategies that are easy to apply, but powerful. It is insightful, easy to read, and has all the ingredients to help anyone take control of their self-esteem and their life.”

—Nadine Kunesh, MEd,MS, high school teacher Carlsbad, CA; former teacher and parent group program coordinator for Community Home Education Program (CHEP)

Publishers Weekly – 

This mix of concrete suggestions, frequent affirmations, and allegorical ‘wisdom tales’ that get at the heart of what it means to have self-worth offers multiple avenues for growth.