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Cool, Calm, and Confident

A Workbook to Help Kids Learn Assertiveness Skills

Internationally Recognized as a Leading Resource for Teaching Assertiveness!

*Help Your Child Stop Being Bullied and Stop the Need to Bully!

*According to, at least one in four or as many as one in three students have been bullied.* 

Self-assured, assertive kids are not only less likely to be picked on by their peers, they’re also less likely to bully others. The 40 assertiveness worksheets in Cool, Calm, and Confident are also “anti-bullying” worksheets.  They help children learn behaviors that discourage teasing, understand their rights and how to stand up for themselves, stay calm and deal with teasing, learn anger management skills, and develop self-confidence and a positive self-image.

If your child is a frequent target for bullies, or has begun to tease and take advantage of other kids, Cool, Calm, and Confident can help.  The assertiveness activities build healthy self-esteem through knowing, accepting, and valuing oneself; learning goal-setting, perseverance, feelings management, social skills, problem-solving, and more.  Children learn how to use assertiveness skills with individuals, groups, peers and adults.

Cool, Calm, and Confident helps to stop the bullying cycle by teaching both aggressive children and passive children better ways to communicate and gives them the confidence to follow through.

This should be in EVERY school in AMERICA!  This book is absolutely WONDERFUL!! This should be a part of any school curriculum.”

“Great workbook.  I’m a youth counselor and I love this workbook! Great for the kids I work with! It had good lessons, as well as fun worksheets that go along with the lessons. Great asset to a counselor!”

Great book for teaching confidence!!  My son has to do required reading for school each night for 20 minutes. I chose to use these workbooks for that required reading time and I’ve finally found something that is INTERESTING for my son to read (age 9). He likes reading the little 1-page stories in this book about kids who are ‘like him’ and he’s able to relate to these kids easily. He enjoys brainstorming how the characters in the story can solve their own problems, which he will indeed apply to his own life. The activities after the story reinforce the skills. He’s taken away many pearls of wisdom already from these activities and is in a GREAT mood after we’ve completed our activities. We’ve had so many conversations open up that have led to great discussions.”

“Amazing book!  This workbook provides activities for children to practice positive thinking and assertiveness as well as help them learn to see the positive qualities about themselves. I am currently working on this with my 5 year-old. It can definitely work for all ages though. I highly recommend this book!”

“I wish I had this as a child. Not only are my kids learning a lot with this book, but my husband, my mother and I are as well. We do one exercise every day at dinner. Lisa, you have changed our lives!