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The Anger Solution Workbook

A Five-Star Workbook for Helping Children Manage Anger and Angry Behaviors!

Parents and Professionals – Help Children Learn to Calm Down, Change Their Angry Thinking and Release Emotion in Safe Ways!

This workbook comes with a CD for easy reproduction of activities, and is a part of The Anger Solution Collection, which includes a board game, card game, workbook, script book, and therapy ball.

It is also a part of The Counselor’s Activity Books Series which also includes Lisa Schab’s Coping Skills WorkbookYou & Me Workbook and more!

Learning healthy ways to manage anger in childhood helps create adults who have better emotional control and conflict management skills.

The Anger Solution Workbook offers more than 60 games, puzzles, stories, and activities that teach children specific techniques to help them lower their anger level, remain calm, and express anger safely while working through conflict situations.

Five concept areas stimulate self-awareness and teach behavioral and cognitive skills:

  1. Understanding Anger
  2. Safe Ways to Release Anger
  3. Cognitive Restructuring
  4. Relaxation
  5. Conflict Management

Creative and engaging activities such as “Escape from Tension Island,” “Problem-Solving Staircase,” “Mad and Mellow Mary,” and “Anger Avenue,” are geared for keeping children’s attention while giving them positive experiences with therapy and teaching critical life skills.

“Five stars.  It is an excellent resource. Fantastic workbook.”

Excellent book.  I have used this book for various ages. The young children enjoy the examples and learn the concepts of dealing with their anger. Homework has been given and they complete it with their parents. I love the CD given so that I can make clear copies. This is one of the best books I have found on working with children and the anger problems.

“Five Stars.  Great book for working through anger with children!”