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The Coping Skills Workbook

Teaches Kids Nine Essential Skills to Deal with Real-Life Crisis

Parents and Professionals – Prevent Overwhelm, Strengthen Resilience, and Increase Emotional Health in Children with This Highly Acclaimed Workbook!

This workbook is part of The Counselor’s Activity Books Series which includes Lisa Schab’s Anger Solution WorkbookYou & Me Workbook and more!

The concepts in this effective workbook are also available as a therapeutic game!

As the depression and anxiety rates continue to rise in our youth population so does the need for teaching emotional coping skills and life skills.  While today’s kids are highly adept at downloading apps, traversing phones and tablets, and programming iPods, they are sorely lacking in the tools that keep them feeling safe, hopeful, and confident in their ability to handle both the everyday ups and downs of life and bigger traumas when they strike.

Teaching coping skills at an early age is one of the best methods we have for preventing emotional dysfunction and hopelessness in our children.  Kids who have a back-pocket knowledge of how to handle disappointment, express feelings safely, and bolster themselves in the face of discomfort, frustration and pain are kids who are less likely to develop alcohol, drug, food, or process addictions, or to feel the need to end their own lives.

The Coping Skills Workbook offers 9 basic but powerful skills that can be used in nearly every life situation.  They are skills that once learned can be practiced, strengthened, and used effectively over the course of a lifetime:

  • Deal with Your Feelings
  • Adjust Your Attitude
  • Take One Step at a Time
  • Accept Imperfection
  • Plan Ahead
  • Give Yourself a Relaxation Break
  • Discover Your Choices
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Ask for Help

All skill concepts are operationalized with 5 – 10 fictional stories that allow readers to help other children through their challenges by using that chapter’s coping skill.

Following this practice comes a chance for the reader to personalize the skill by answering prompts about how to use the skill in their own current life situations.

Use this ALL the time!  I work in the social services field, and this workbook is FABULOUS.”

School social workers!  Counselors!  This is an awesome book!  I bought this a few years back for my job as an elementary school social worker. I LOVE IT!  I’m always doing lessons on coping skills – and most of my IEP objectives relate to one of these 9 skills. Each skill is nicely explained and there are examples of how to use each skill. There is an accompanying board game I LOVE also! How can you go wrong with ‘adjust your attitude,’ ‘plan ahead,’ and ‘accept imperfections?’  I’ve used this many times over and even created a little ‘coping skills tool box’ so after the students learn the skill they can make a visual representation of the skill. I’m currently using this workbook with a large group of students who have Asperger’s Disorder and they are enjoying it. Get it – you’ll use it again and again.

“Five stars. Simple to understand, perfect ideas.”