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The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens First Edition

Activities to Help You Build Confidence and Achieve Your Goals

Tutorful’s Best Child Self-Esteem Boosters/Resources 2018International Best-Seller!

Parents and Professionals – This Book Was Named in Tutorful’s Best Child Self-Esteem Boosters/Resources 2018!

From over 13,000 recommendations, The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens was selected as one of the top 33 books for helping improve children’s self-esteem.

One of the “10 Best Self-Esteem Books”

One of “4 Fantastic Self-Esteem Workbooks for Teenagers”

Internationally-acclaimed and listed almost daily as an Amazon “#1 Best-Seller,” The Self-Esteem Workbook For Teens has been translated into three foreign languages and receives the highest praise from both professionals, parents, and teens.  The book offers 40 self-esteem worksheets designed to help teens understand how their self-esteem developed and then teach the cognitive, emotional, and social skills that empower them to shift it from unhealthy to healthy.

Teen readers are compassionately guided to believe in the truth of their intrinsic self-worth and to discover and celebrate their authentic selves.  With this platform of confidence they then learn how to use the Power of Attitude, Gratitude, Responsibility, Possibility, Conviction, Tolerating Discomfort, Facing Challenges Head On, and more – all building to help them withstand peer pressure and embark on their own right path.

Each activity educates readers on a basic concept, offers a teen story to illustrate the concept, then provides questions designed to integrate the information and personalize it into their own real-life situations.

Amazing workbook for therapy! Great exercises and activities for teens.”

Five stars. “So glad I bought this! Noticed a difference in my daughter after the first day she did the workbook! Don’t know where we would be without it!””

Best Purchase Ever!  This series of teen workbooks is one of the most valuable resources I have found for counseling my at-risk teenage students!  . . . My 6th-12th graders happily and often eagerly engage in the questionnaires and activities in these books! They also have told me that they feel like they really do help. That in and of itself is worth it to me!”

GREAT for teens!  This is a great workbook for teens, or about to become teens! Have your teen do a couple of chapters at a time, then discuss each chapter with him/her. It will help open up discussion in your home!”

This is a brilliant, inspiring book that teaches and guides teens to navigate their inner world, as well as the world they live in. In a masterful piece, Schab has encompassed all aspects of teenagers’ experience: body, mind, spirit, and relationships. The workbook format offers results-oriented lessons for a lifetime of healthy self-esteem. I highly recommend this book . . .”

―Susan Schwass, LCSW, private practitioner working with teens and their families for thirty-five years

“Lisa Schab’s workbook on self-esteem for teens is replete with common sense exercises and instructions that are all informed by current research and developmental theory. Each (preface) attests to Schab’s practice wisdom and advanced clinical skills as a psychotherapist and professional . . .

—Randolph Lucente, PhD, professor of adolescent psychology, Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work