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The Anxiety Workbook for Teens Second Edition

Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety and Worry

Parents, Professionals, and all Helping Adults!

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens 1st Edition was translated into five languages and recognized around the world as a leading resource for anxiety management skills!  

The updated and revised 2nd Edition offers timely, relevant new material that teens need now more than ever . . . 

With the latest statistics showing adolescent anxiety skyrocketing, our teens need concrete, evidence-based materials to help them cope and thrive, now.  To meet this end, the well-reputed exercises from the first edition have been updated, and evidence-based skills from neuroscience, dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy have been added.  This edition also provides brand new activities on both the causes and cures for the upsurge in anxiety, including:

  • Handling pressure to succeed
  • Shifting negative effects of social media
  • Coping with exposure to stressful and violent public events
  • Getting a grip on test anxiety
  • Recentering with grounding techniques
  • Creating calm using self-soothing skills
  • Helping yourself by helping others

Meeting Social Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Classroom needs . . . 

Not only can teens use The Anxiety Workbook on their own as self-help, but therapists, social workers, and counselors will continue to find it an invaluable resource for use with both individual clients and groups. Educators and school staff will find practical, easy-to-understand and implement worksheets that address core SEL and trauma topics.  

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens 2nd Edition is designed to arm both teens and all helping adults with essential tools that will benefit today’s adolescents who face unprecedented stress and anxiety.

“ . . . A brilliant guide for teens . . . this book is timely, necessary, and written in a language that teens can relate to. It is as if the author is in a teen’s head and walking in their shoes.

Therese Alexander-Ssebagala, LCSW, psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, Waterford, CT

“In this revised edition, Lisa Schab encourages self-reflection and discovery through thought-provoking questions, and simultaneously equips adolescents with a toolbox full of useful strategies and accessible skills that they can readily apply to daily practice.” 

—Stephanie Margolese, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry and assistant professor of psychology at McGill University

“A GREAT workbook for teens struggling with anxiety!”

—Christina Reese, LCPC, PhD, psychotherapist and author of The Attachment Connection

“For teens who are feeling powerless, Schab provides a path to challenge their anxiety and take back their power.”

—Robyn P. Waxman, PhD, psychotherapist and editor of The Maryland Psychologist, quarterly journal of the Maryland Psychological Association

“This book empowers teens to master their anxiety. . . Teens will find the techniques in this book help them regain control of their lives and build healthy mental habits for the future.”

—Meg Smith, LCMHC, clinical counselor at Azimuth Counseling and Therapeutic Services in Essex Junction, VT