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Put your anxiety here

Put Your Anxiety Here

A Creative Guided Journal to Relieve Stress & Find Calm

Therapy that doesn’t look like therapy!

A comfortable opening to self-soothing and calm . . .

Put Your Anxiety Here: A Creative Guided Journal to Relieve Stress & Find Calm is the third in an innovative new series that provides effective, evidence-based tools for managing emotional health issues without carrying the stigma that so often deters people from seeking help. The Instant Help Guided Journal Series offers “therapy that doesn’t look like therapy!”

More than 80 engaging journaling prompts in Put Your Anxiety Here invite you to write, draw, collage, meditate, breathe, reflect, listen to music, take walks, and more – all creative, and evidence-based ways to relieve anxiety in the moment. You can relax right now while learning valuable coping skills to carry into the future. This book is a great tool for both individuals on their own and as an adjunct to therapy.

Research explains that journaling can help us clear our minds, release pent-up feelings, ease tension, and let go of negative thoughts and worries – as well as strengthen our immune systems, lower blood pressure, and release physical tension in our bodies. This journal offers a non-threatening tool to begin writing your way to calm.

“I LOVE this book . . . It is wise, practical, creative, and healing. . .I especially value the holistic approach involving breathing, movement, drawing, music, and imagination . . . I wish I had it for my clients when I began my practice years ago!”

-Barbara Blake, RSM, MA, artist, teacher, and psychotherapist with thirty years of experience

Lisa Schab’s journal provides what it promises: a gentle but direct alternative approach to find calm. Schab makes it fun and provides a process toward self-awareness and goal attainment. ‘Therapy that doesn’t look like therapy.’”

-Ronald D. Groat, MD, board-certified psychiatrist, and past president of the Minnesota Psychiatric Society

“Lisa Schab’s book is a must-have for mental health clinicians. The book consists primarily of well-designed worksheets that engage the client in their own healing. Clients acquire a sense of control over their emotional well-being as they secure a set of mental health tools to be used throughout their lifetime. The book is grounded in sound psychological theory, backed by extensive experience, and best of all—it works!

-Lynn R. Moosman, MA, LCPC, psychotherapist, supervisor of graduate students at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, and former director of clinical services at Youth & Family Counseling

“Schab’s Put Your Anxiety Here offers the ultimate collection of writing prompts to better understand anxiety using a creative and insight-oriented approach. The book is an excellent resource for individual exploration or adjunctive use in counseling.”

David H. Klemanski, PsyD, MPH, assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University, and coauthor of Don’t Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life

“Lisa Schab’s Put Your Anxiety Here is a gift in self-care. . . Filled to the brim with exercises, this book helps to manage—and take your life back—from anxiety. . .”

Diane Havnen-Smith, LCSW, psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, OR

Helping Professionals . . .

This journal is an effective clinical tool for engaging, encouraging, and empowering clients!

All journaling prompts are grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and neuroscience.